made to measure Winter Wear
Canadian Winter and Farm tested.
Fleece and (non wool) fabrics  easy wash and wear/ or wool  

Handmade winter wear made from fleece and upcycled washable sweaters that you can just  throw in your washer and dryer. I live on a farm and do a lot of outdoor activities from farm chores to getting wood for my fireplace. I am tough on clothing. I do love the wool upcycled sweater mitts but cannot put them through the washer and dryer. The polar and micro fleece, as well as the patterned acrylic looks great! and can just be thrown into the washer and straight into the dryer over and over again. Felted upcycled wool sweater mitts also available

What is meant by the term wash and wear? 
The picture on the left is after a few instances of  winter farm chores. 
The picture on the right is after throwing the mitts in the washer and dryer. These are fleece lined , with an acrylic sweater outer 


For the wash and wear hats and mitts  we use durable non shrinking fleece, faux fur, blends and acrylics that can be thrown in a washer and dryer. We also have upcycled wool sweater mitts.

The patterns are constantly changing and some are one of kind when its an upcycled sweater material so if you prefer a patterned hat or mitt we ask you  indicate a predominant base color of your preference and when we receive your measurements (order form) we will send you some options on what patterns or solid colors are available. 

The photo at the left is an example of some of the patterns we have used


Wash and Wear Sweater Mittens with fleece lining 

sweater material is acrylic and other washable fabrics 

(Patterns are constantly changing and not all available)

Solid color polar and micro fleece with fleece or faux fur  lining. 

Various fleece mitten colors available (Blue.Black, Grey, ivory, khaki green,some tartan)

Hats and Neck Warmers 

(Please note availability of patterns are constantly changing)

Acrylic outer/fleece lined  and reversible 

Pictured is a slouch hat 

with an acrylic upcycled 

sweater fabric on the outside with 

a black microfleece inside. I do not have a mannequin head so my trusty wooden horse head sculpture wearing the hate gives you an idea what it looks like on.

I found this warm and comfortable even at -20 with wind.

Fleece single thickness

single thickness neck tube 

Available in various fleece colors

Also pictures to the right is a single thickness neck warmer.

Please note: single thickness fleece is not terribly warm below -10C especially if its windy.

I highly recommend lined hats and neck warmers. After an hour outdoors at -15 with a good wind I got pretty chilled and found these not warm enough.

Great and lightweight for fall and mild winter temperatures though



Mittens- solid fleece colors double thickness fleece lined- 25$

Mittens-Patterned acrylic or wool outer, fleece lined- 30$

Single thickness fleece hat (un-lined) 15$

Single thickness Neck warmer (un-lined)   10$

Double thickness hat-$25  (reversible)

Double thickness  one or 2 color fleece neck warmer (reversible) $20


In order to get you the correct size we need a few measurements

Hats and neck warmers:

Circumference of your head and /or hat size see the chart below

Mittens: see hand size chart below 

Please note we just have adult sizes at this time. In the future we will have small children's sizes available as well


To order please click here to fill out the order form  we will contact you with the total owed all, orders must be paid up front and in advance 

Depending on order volume Each order will take the following amount of time:

single pair of mitts 1 week, hat and neck tube 48 hours. Orders must be picked up at the farm gate (we have a drop box), or if you are local we will porch deliver to Richmond Village