Hand Made Artisan Soaps

please scroll down to view a few of our soaps. We have many additional scents in our farm store and soon we will have an online web store for purchase for those not local and we will ship soaps to you
We are proud to state that none of our soaps contain palm oil

Cuardach Farm's hand crafted soaps are made from food grade oils,butters, and natural products 
incorporating many herbs grown right here at the farm.
Soaps are sold by weight 
(prices are subject to change if ingredients go up in price or/if higher priced essential oils are used ) 
Average prices are   
45g 2$   60g 3$   80g 4$   100g 5$   120g 6$


100% Vegetable Based

This sudsy mild soap is  completely scent free and  you can use it plain or we can add your favorite scent.


Made with organic beer from an old celtic recipe using Stinging Nettle beer as the main ingredient

The nettles used in the  beer are grown right here at Cuardach Farm

Beer Soap-famous for its great suds and with a light sweet fragrance

Makes a terrific "conversation inspiring"  gift and don't worry you won't smell like a brewery, the soap making process removes any alcohol like odor  leaving an unusually light fragrance in the soap

Satsuma Citrus Soap

A few options 
1) 100% coconut oil 
2) Castile Style with Olive oil, Coconut oil and castor Oil
3) Lard based (makes a very mild soap)

Orange zest soap has a mild orange scent and subtle exfoliation with soft orange peel zest as you scrub

Coffee Soap

A great soap for kitchen clean up and removing the smell of onions and garlic on your hands

 2 types are available
1. with grounds -adds great exfoliation for kitchen or gardeners soap

2. Without grounds (good for shower and bath)

All Vegetable Based Soap in homemade laundry soap

A do it your self package that makes 2 gallons/7.5 liter of laundry soap

all you do is add water dissolve contents in a pot of water on your stove

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Other popular Soaps
Peppermint Bergamot Orange
Bay Rum
Brine Soap