Soap making recipes and resources

Please Note: this is a resource page for students of my soap making workshops. However all are welcome to use the information and links collected
Although they can be used for cold process soaps, most of the Cuardach recipes are hot processed.

Beginner Soap Making workshop Lists and "how to"
Once you have taken the workshop and used up your soap that you took home here are some reminders on lists and methods

Cuardach Farm Recipes
Cuardach Farm recipe are given out as part of our workshops however all are welcome to use them. If you have any questions on the Cuardach recipes please feel free to email.

Basic Soap Recipe with 80% Lard, Coconut oil, and Castor oil (note this recipe has a really lengthy trace time but a very creamy soap with fine lather)
Qualities of Soapmaking oils credit: (from the spruce)
Loving Soap Oils Chart: (from lovinsoap)
Additives and what they do (this is a supplier from California but they have a good narrative of what each product does)
More Soapmakng additives( from loving soap)
How long does my Soap need to cure -informative article on soap curing
Beeswax and coconut oil Ratios- Marie at (Humblebee and Me) on using beeswax and coconut oil
Beeswax and liquid oil ratios- Marie at (Humblebee and Me) on using beeswax and liquid oil
Using Natural Colorants in Soap (Three Hills Natural Soap)

Combining Essential oils for scenting soap etc

The reason I will not use or Endorse Palm oil 
Due to the incredible amount of damage to the environment and animal habitat that is caused by the harvesting of palm oil many soap makers including myself have decided not to use palm oil in any of our products. Even sustainable palm oil contains certain amounts of palm oil that is not harvested in a sustainable and non damaging manner and the regulation of sustainable palm oil is not reliable. Therefore I have made a personal decision not to use any palm oil in my soaps, soap recipes, sell items in my shop that contain palm oil, nor endorse anyone who markets items with palm oil as an ingredient.

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