Rabbits at Cuardach Farm  

Hello and welcome to the farm rabbit page.  What for sale is ready to jump into your arms or the pot. 

Currently the rabbits we have are a mix of New Zealand(NZ) and Californian (Cali).  These rabbits are approximately 8-15 lb fully grown.  

The rabbits I have produce solid colored offspring as well as an occasional broken colored kit, 

I sell most of my rabbits locally to people who are interested in raising their own rabbits as well as some for folks who would like a pet. 

These are large, calm, friendly, well handled rabbits.


Hot weather care tips in Ontario
In Ontario the heat and humidity is really tough on rabbits. In cases it can be fatal. A lot of rabbit owners will freeze 2 liter bottles and put one in the cage every morning, also fans can be used as well as putting a few ceramic tile in the hutch for your rabbits to lay on. Be aware your rabbit is quite susceptible to heat stress so place your hutch in a shady spot in your yard and never in full sun.

NZ/Cali   doe with otter coloring 8 pounds  

(currently has a litter NOT FOR SALE until litter weaned )

nz/cali doe 13 pounds
has large litters

Price List

Weaned kits 8 weeks - 3 months: $15 ea or 4 for $50

sold out

Juveniles 3-5 months:  $25 ea or 4 for $80

approx 6 does available  one white, one orange and the rest brown

5 months and older (unbred)  30$

Sold out

Proven Doe (had litters ):  40$ ea

none available at this time

Please get in touch to confirm availability and numbers are always changing

March 2020

March 2020