Rabbits at Cuardach Farm   MOST FOR SALE

Hello and welcome to the farm rabbit page. All the rabbits are for sale as we are going in a different direction with the farm an focusing on honey bees. I may keep one or two but am a bit full with approx 30 adolescents

Currently the rabbits we have are a mix of New Zealand(NZ) and Californian (Cali).  These rabbits are approximately 8-15 lb fully grown.  

The rabbits I have produce solid colored offspring as well as an occasional broken colored kit, 

I sell most of my rabbits locally to people who are interested in raising their own rabbits as well as some for folks who would like a pet. 

These are large, calm, friendly, well handled rabbits.


Hot weather care tips in Ontario
In Ontario the heat and humidity is tough on rabbits. A lot of rabbit owners will freeze 2 liter bottles and put one in the cage every morning, also fans can be used as well as putting a few ceramic tile in the hutch for your rabbits to lay on. Be aware your rabbit is quite susceptible to heat stress so try to place your hutch in a shady spot in your yard

Buck NZ/Cali. 8 pounds in weight- very good breeder 25$

NZ/Cali   doe with otter coloring 8 pounds  

(currently has a littler NOT FOR SALE until litter weaned )

nz/cali doe 13 pounds
has large litters

Price List

Weaned kits 8 weeks - 3 months: $10 ea or 4 for $30

sold out

Juveniles 3-6 months:  $15 ea or 4 for $50

approx 15 of these available 

ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 months old 

mostly does, 5 bucks

Proven Doe (had at least 1 litter ):  35$ ea

1 available at this time

Proven Breeding bucks (produced a litter):  25$ ea

1 available at this time

Bucks over 6 months old /not used for breeding:   $20 ea

none available at this time

Please get in touch to confirm availability and numbers are always changing

March 2020

March 2020