Pasture Raised Pork 

We will have limited cuts after thanksgiving
Listed approximations on prices

We are happy to offer our patrons the fresh pork that their grandparents knew and loved. Our pork is pasture-raised, ethically and humanely-treated.

The pigs are allowed to roam freely and do the things pigs like to do!

This stress-free environment produces the most succulent pork around, now available direct from our farm to your table, freezer or barbecue. Customers are welcome to come and see how their food is raised as it take approximately 4 to 5 months to raise from weanling to processing size of 300 plus pounds

A  week or so prior to processing we will need your cut sheet you choose your own custom cuts, my favorite thickness of pork chop is a  1 3/4 inch thick pork chop for my bbq. 

The Price:

 Our pork is 5$/pound (2020 price) hanging weight when you buy a half or a whole pig.  What is hanging weight

 A side would weigh 90-110lbs although some are larger and others smaller. Meat cuts are 75-80% of that hanging weight

You then can have the side custom cut any which way you wish (we will provide help on your options for this) 

The costs for process are based on what our butcher charges

Cut and wrap in butcher paper is  $0.60 per pound(2020 price). After cutting the resulting weight is 75-80 lbs of finished product. You will also have options to smoke the bacon,the hams and hocks, and to have sausages made.

A reasonable budget for an 100lb side of pork in 2020 would be $400 for the pork, $60 for cut and wrap (butcher paper) 

Total $460 

You can expect approx 75-80 pounds of finished pork 

If you add the smoking and sausages its roughly $60 for the smoking, and $30.50 for sausage (min 10 pound order). Sausage flavors are : polish, hot italian, and bratwurst (bratwurst does have breadcrumbs as part of the recipe) Our Butcher contracts out the smoking and sausages to a local company here in Ottawa

That is a little more than the grocery store, but we feel that the product is far superior from a taste, health and environmental point of view. What’s in a side of pork? Each side of pork consists of the loin (chops or roasts), the front shoulder (shoulder roast and butt chops), the back leg (hams), the belly (bacon) and hocks. Most people smoke the hams and bacon although you can also have the shoulder and hocks smoked if you like. The trimmings are either  wrapped for stew or made into sausage.. 

The Process: We require a non refundable deposit. $250 for a half or $400 for a  whole pig

(This is to avoid the situation where the pork is ready and somebody says, oops don’t really want that anymore, which has happened therefore the deposit is necessary). 

About 4 weeks before pickup, we will ask you for cutting  instructions (we will provide the options when we get your deposit ). When the pork is ready we will contact you so that you can pick up the pork at the farm. For smoking your pork into hams and bacon we recommend Lavernes western beef. They charged $2.50 a kg/1.15$ a pound  in 2020 for smoking. We used to send the meat out for you through the abattoir but if you take it yourself it is a substantial cost savings of nearly a 1$ per pound/2$ per kilo.

And, from experience: it will be gone before you know it as it has such incredible taste!

We will sell some individual portions of extra pork in the farm shop by cut 2020 (Price list)