Soap making


Due to the situation with Covid 19 all workshops were put on hold. 
We are looking into hosting some workshops in person in 2023 at a location outside of the farm
If you would like to be added to a reminder email list please email and put
"add to workshop reminder list" in the title.

If you would like to be added to a reminder email list please email and put "add to workshop reminder list" in the title.

Gift Certificate recipients: You normally have a 6 month window to use your certificates. Due to the covid 19 precautions once we start doing workshops again i will honor gift certificates for 3 months from the start of the date we are able to do workshops again

You can take a workshop any one of 2 ways! (click on the orange text)

1. I want to get a maximium amount of soap, I don't want to sit
in a class for hours do not want to worry about dealing with Lye. The gift givers workshop   For those more interested in a fun 1hour  soap making experience with a maximum amount of soap to take home 95$ per person (2lb/1kg per person of take home soap)

2.  I would like to take up soapmaking as a hobby:  Basic Introduction to Hot process soapmaking 
Group workshop 

WORKSHOP DETAILS: (when we start up again)

2 hour Group Workshops: We host these on Saturdays and/or Sundays from 1-3  

60min Gift giver Workshop: flexible dates and booking times


All registrations are due 1 week prior to the workshop.

The group Introductory soap making workshops have run in the past  from 
12 noon to 2pm    
 The focus of this workshop is for those that want to take up soap making

The gift giver private workshop for 1 or more  is custom booked on your schedule and is a shorter more condensed class focusing on creating a larger amount of soap (1kg per person) for gift giving and 
less on taking up the soap making hobby

These workshops  are for adults only. 

Learn the art of making soap using a traditional hot process method that involves blending oils, and lye.

Rebecca from Cuardach Organics will show you how to make a handmade soap based from oils that can all be purchased in local shop's and grocery stores.

During this popular hands-on workshop each participant will learn to make their own batch of soap from scratch. 

At the end of the workshop each participant will take their own batch of soap home.

In the introduction to soap making workshop we will be make a non scented mild soap. However, for those that would like a scented soap, you can scent your soap with your choice of  up to 30ml of  fragrance/ or 15ml of essential oils  If you would like a more intense scent extra is available to be purchased at the workshop. 

There are a number of fragrances available to scent your soap. Participants are also encouraged to bring their favorite scent for their soap if they like.

Suggestions include essential oils or fragrance oils such as lavender, sweet orange oil, body shop fragrance oils are popular, or your favorite cologne or perfume

We have approximately 15 to 20 different scents to choose from: Examples of some fragrances Lavender, lily of the valley, coffee, green tea,sweet orange, grapefruit, baby powder,vanilla ,eucalyptus,velvet jasmine,water lily, peppermint,lemongrass, pomegranate are some of the fragrances and essential oils we have available.

Some essential oils due to their high cost are not offered in any workshop such as : jasmine, sandelwood. rose, neroli. We have fragrance oils for some of these

Exfoliants and colorants are not included in the regular workshop fees. 2 Exfoliants and 2 colorant are included in the gift giver workshop

Any additional scents and or additives are a 5$ charge

Standard group Workshop fee $75 includes: instruction and demonstration, recipe, and all ingredients including up to 30ml of fragrance or 15ml of essential oil

GIft giver Workshop: 95$- includes, choice of 2 scents, 2 colors (clay or mica) and 2 exfoliants

Important points:

Participants must pre-register and pay to secure your spot in the workshop.  We are sorry but drop-ins without pre-registration are not permitted

All registrations are due 1 week prior to the workshop.

If workshops are rescheduled or combined( If the minimum number of participants is not reached)   participants will be notified after 6pm p as soon as possible but no less than 3 days prior to the workshop via email

Group Workshop Cost: $75

NEW Gift Giver workshop Cost $95


Due to space limitations  the workshops to small groups.

For the space and equipment used 4 is ideal but if there is a need we will take up to 6 participants

If workshops are rescheduled or cancelled participants will be notified as soon as possible via email.Or telephone


If you have a date in mind please get in touch

For the workshops you will be required to bring:

-some rubber dish gloves
-a smock or loose shirt (similar to something you would use for painting)                      

-a pringles can(2 for the gift givers workshop)   for a mold for the soap ( or any container capable of holding 16 ounces(500ml), with cellophane or parchment paper) there is no need to bring cellophane or parchment paper if you are bringing a pringles can for a mold.

We will provide:

- the soap making ingredients ( you will have between 10-16 ounces/ 284 to 450 grams of soap to take home)

- eye protection

- up to 30ml of fragrance or 15ml of essential oil.

Once you register a confirmation email will be sent with directions and any additional information regarding the workshop. 

We will also remind you the day before via email

Please Note:
We are taking names for all workshops. But payment must be in advance to secure your spot.
If the minimum number of participants is not reached the workshop is cancelled

Payment may be made in the following ways
1. Email money transfer
2. Cash prior to workshop
3. paypal  Sign up and pay now
Sorry no cheques

Our refund policies on workshops

Mailing address and location of workshop: 

Click on the link below for a map and directions

6619 Franktown Road
Richmond Ontario
K0A 2Z0

This location is a private home and although the workshop room is pet free, there are pets in residence at this location for those that suffer from any allergies. 

We will also be going in and out of the room to the deck outside.

Extra Ingredients available at Workshops
Regualr workshop: these are available to purchse
Gift giver workshop: 


-poppy seed
-dryed brewed coarse ground coffee beans
-Coarse sea salt granules
-ground pumice stone
- dried citrus peel-lime, grapefruit,& orange
-ground lavender buds
- ground loofah
-ground sage - adds a green color
- ground cinnamon- Also makes the soap dark brown
-turmeric- colors the soap orange, very mild exfoliant
-ground oatmeal
- cornmeal

Various oxides in blue, pink,black,  and red

Natural colorants
brown- cinnamon

Clays and Additives (reference material courtesy of the natural beauty workshop)
French Green Clay:
has a unique molecular structure that makes it an exceptional detoxifying ingredient. It draws out toxins, dust, dead skin cells, and other impurities commonly found on the skin. French Green Clay contains a large amount of nourishing minerals, including: Calcium, Potassium, Silicon and Copper. The detoxification properties also help to reduce and eliminate free radicals from the skin. Free radicals are unstable atoms that we are exposed to when we come into contact with toxic substances like smoke, UV rays, and pollution. They can damage cells, and are thought to accelerate aging.

Bentonite Clay is primarily composed of volcanic ash and the mineral, Montmorrillonite. The presence of ferrous and magnesium ions give Bentonite Clay it's subtle greenish grey color. The feel of dry Bentonite
clay is soft and velvety. When added to water, Bentonite Clay can expand to many times it's dry volume. Bentonite Clay has long been known for its therapeutic abilities. It was called "Ee-Wah-Kee" or "The-Mud-That-Heals" by the Native Americans. Due to its high absorbency, and it's ability to pull oils and toxins from the skin, it is one of the best clays for making poultices. These same abilities make it an excellent ingredient for skin care and spa treatments.

French Green Clay and Bentonite Clay are suitable for use on normal to oily skin types. Due to the intensive properties of these clays, they are not recommended for use on dry or sensitive skin. Even those with oily skin should limit the use of French Green Clay or Bentonite Clay to a maximum of one use per week.

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay has been treasured for centuries by beauticians, nobles, and royalty. From ancient Egypt to modern spas worldwide, Rhassoul is a traditional ingredient in natural skincare. You can pamper yourself at home using the same mineral rich, detoxifying clay. Rhassoul Clay has a superb texture that blends easily with other ingredients. This dusty beige clay can be used in a facial to gently exfoliate, reduce redness, and improve skin's texture and clarity. This beautiful, dusty colored clay originates in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Moroccan Rhassoul Clay boasts superior drawing abilities, making it ideal for oily skin formulations, body wraps, and detoxification. Like its spearmint colored counterparts, Bentonite Clayand French Green Clay, it should not be used more than once per week.

Charcoal- Natural Charcoal, known for its ability to draw out and trap deep-down impurities.