Muffin-Shetland Pony

We are pleased to show everyone our  shetland pony Muffin. 

This page was originally published to assist our neighbor Kirah on one of her school assignments but it turned out so well we kept it.

Muffin is locally famous as a companion pony and stress reducer for any horse at the farm that needs a buddy, a children's lead line pony, weanling baby sitter,and providing pure humor just by being his fractious tenacious pushy Shetland pony self!

Muffin's best friend was Mac (Red Sea Rumor) who needed a friend when he was weaned from his mother. Muffin now stands as tall as Mac's belly but still thinks he is in charge of the friendship.

Muffin and Red Sea Rumor as a foal

Muffin has a bit of a fan club of friends and neighbors under 3 feet tall