EBONY RUMOR 1992-2013

Ebs was an exceptional thoroughbred mare that passed on the best of the sire to her offpring.  We tragically lost this mare a short time ago
She had her last foal here in 2011 and had  lived the life of Riley with every need catered to from warm mashes in the winter to brushes by local children and a virtual wardrobe of blankets to choose from. She was never sick a day in her life while I had her until she contracted a fatal condition called gutteral pouch mycosis. It moved incredibly fast and she was gone in 6 days.
She literally had a fan club of local people here to feed her mints,brush her, and fuss over her which she unconditionally loved.
I cannot even fathom the thought of replacing her in the near future as this sweet natured mare has carved a huge void in my heart  and i still cannot even talk about her without tears but when I am ready it will be tough to find another mare that has her incredible personality, her great straight legs, and kind eye.

Things will return to normal here and we are taking a break on breeding horses, but to everyone who has, or had, a beloved pet: a cat, a dog, a bird....anything you are close to. We would like to share this wonderful mare with you. 

She was kind and understanding to a 2 year old child trying to hug her to a non horse person who tentatively reached out to give her an apple.

Thanks all for indulging me on paying tribute to a very special horse who holds a permanent place in my heart.

Ebony Rumor R.I.P. you were very much loved

A bit about Ebony's offspring and her lovely personality
Her foals are consistently close coupled, have correct straight legs and are stamped with her wonderful easygoing personality.
She was a true black and was an  absolute darling to work with on the ground, for the vet and the farrier.
She foaled out easily and has never had a problem when giving birth/ever. We always arrived just after all the babies have been born!
Our vet even dropped by one day for an ultrasound  recheck and Ebs just stood in the aisle unheld, no halter. Not that we encourage this but the vet was on a short schedule and told me afterwards he did not even have tohalter the mare. Needless to say we were pretty impressed with her. But she always impressed us

She has had many foals down in the USA prior to being imported  to Canada. She  had consistent high quality foals that have been showing in the USA. Other foals out of Ebony Rumor include 2 Irish Sporthorse foals and most recently a holsteiner cross by a Zangersheide stallion.

(scroll down to see larger photos below).

I have not located photos of all her foals, I believe she has had 7 in total  but the ones I do have photos of plus the one in the USA show what outstanding offspring this mare produced.

Her foals are consistently close coupled, have correct straight legs and are stamped with her wonderful easygoing personality.

Ebony's last foal 2011 baby "Lex" at a year and a half. My brother who is holding the colt is over 6 feet tall

Ebony and her 2006 irish sport horse foal
(this foal is the steel grey in her offspring photo)

Her 2011 foal
by Chablis IZ Hosteiner / Z registry

This 2006  Irish Sport Horse Gelding was foaled previous to our ownership

This 2002 mare is by a paint stallion

and was foaled out in the United States prior to our ownership