Cuardach Equine

Welcome to the equine portion of the farm. We are small but mighty when it comes to horses. I have three lovely horses of my own (Presto-K ,Lex, and Rain) who have been lolling around the farm eating for the past few years while I have been away from the farm with work, Now that I am back living in Ottawa the horses are going to  get some work again and I will step back into the competition ring.

I am also going to open up the farm to some outdoor boarders once I get paddocks and shelters sorted. So stay tuned. It is indeed nice to be back !

Horses and pony at Cuardach Farm

Scroll down for any horses available as most have an individual page with more photos and links to videos.
Any available for  sale are set in the following negotiable price ranges

Price Range A-under $1,000
Price Range B-over $1,000  to $5,000
Price Range C over $5,000-  to $15,000
Price Range D-over $15,000 - to $25,000
Price Range E - over $25, 000

2011 gelding (Lex)-Holsteiner/TB (half Brother to Max)
Available for sale- Price Range C

2011 holsteiner cross by Chablis IZ

-Please click above  for more information, video, photos

Brimstone (Rain) Irish Sport Horse 

Presto-K   KWPN Dutch Warmblood
not for sale


Solo Song

This horse is no longer available

Red Sea Rumor-Irish Sport Horse Have you seen this horse?

Click here for more information and video links

He was sold to someone in the London Ontario area  who placed him in an auction after he went lame under their care. I believe the auction  was called Bilyea Auction and it took place in late 2014
I would love to find out where this horse ended up and get in touch with his current owner/s