Whole Meat Chickens
We have roughly 30 birds left available at 2 dates fresh: Oct 21 and Oct 29th

Our free range pastured chicken are organically raised without any hormones or antibiotics. The birds are processed in a government inspected abattoir.

We raise birds for our own use as well as for sale.

Pre-ordered birds are available fresh with deposit for 4.25 per pound

Frozen Birds are available after processing dates for for $4.75 per pound

Please note deposits must be made to secure your order if you want to order fresh birds!

If you have not made a deposit you have not secured any chickens 

If you would like to plan ahead reserve your birds you can give us a call, or an email. 


Fresh is $4.25 per pound pre-ordered prior to processing day or  

$4.75/lb  frozen available at the Richmond Market or by appointment only at the farm with pickup at the gate (masks mandatory)

For fresh birds:

Communication between you and Cuardach Organics is key . Our clients must be prepared to take possession of them or arrange to have them picked up on processing day between the hours of 5 and 7pm. Please make an appointment for farm pickup. 

The cost of the birds are payable in 2 installments:

The deposit 15$ per bird and the balance is payable the day the chicken/s are processed prior to the customer receiving them.

Each deposit is roughly 50% cost of an average weight of a 7 pound chicken.. The birds are processed in a government inspected abattoir. On processing day the actual dressed weight of the chicken is calculated and the rest of the balance is due.

Each chicken can vary anywhere from 4 to 10 pounds. This year the majority of the chickens are 4-6 pounds.