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Deposit per bird for Custom Organically Raised Chicken


ALL DEPOSITS  FOR 2013 orders

The deposit is 50% down per bird  15$ and the balance is payable the day the chicken/s are processed prior to the customer receiving them.

Each deposit is calculated on an average weight of a 7 pound chicken at $3.95  per pound. The birds are processed in a government inspected abbatoir. On processing day the actual dressed weight of the chicken is calculated and the rest of the balance is due. Each chicken will vary anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds.

Communication between you and Cuardach Organics is crucial as you must take possession of your fresh birds on processing day. We do not have the facilities to store or freeze the birds and our clients must be prepared to take possession of them or arrange to have them picked up on processing day between the hours of 5 and 7pm

PLEASE NOTE: there is a 2 dollar service charge added to paypal transactions when your final bill is calculated. You may pay via email money transfer or cheque. Please email us if you would like to use an alternate pay method

Please provide your contact information with email so we can get in touch regarding the details of your order

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