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Farm Restructure and a new name!

Posted on November 4, 2012 at 6:40 AM


Our farm name has changed from Hawthorn to Cuardach As of November 2012 Why?

Despite a very detailed search 5 years ago there are now currently 4 other farms in Ontario with the name Hawthorn Farm and we are constantly being confused with the farm that grows seeds and the farm that has beef cattle. Since we are moving into a new focus, a new name fits in with that focus

For our new ventures of marketing organic vegetables,poultry, handmade herbal soaps and products as well as horses its rather important we are known for who we are and not another farm here in Ontario. Cuardach is irish (gaelic) for search/quest and it really fits with the farm and what we are doing

Horse news

Our 2011 foal by Chablis IZ and out of Ebony Rumor is for sale as well as many of the other horses. We are in a full herd reduction! I would like to end up with 2 horses that can fit into the trailer and go to a local stable if need be.  I have found  all plans for the farm must be adjustable. 

After many discussions regarding the use of Mac as a stallion and the number of stallions who are presently standing at stud who already carry his genetics we decided to make him a gelding fall 2011 and he is also for sale


Welsh section A Stallion  for sale

"Lianna Sir Chester of Kelmaryn" won the Superstar Sport Pony Search Stallion on the line over 3 years old and was reserve Champion at the Summerfest Breeders show July 31st 2011. He also brought home a first and a second place ribbon on the line at the Huntingford Farm Breeders horse show in Aug 2011. Chesy qualified for the Royal Winter Fair in November of 2011.

Thankyou so much to those that helped with Chesy this past show season, we would not have been successful without their help and guidance:

Chesy is also for sale to a breeding /show home. We don't have a pony rider and he needs a productive show and breeding life


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