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Recipes and summer squash

Posted on August 28, 2012 at 2:10 PM

And I thought zuchini were prolific producers!  The patty pan squash plants produce 10 to 15 squash per plant per week, and i have approximately ten plants. :)  That makes for over a hundred squash per week!!! If only my chickens would lay that many eggs!

I have added some patty pan ( and summer squash) recipes to the Patty pan squash page under products. Another squash I have yet to add to the website  is an unusaual looking plant called a Trombocino zuchini. I have test planted it this year and only planted one. Thankfully~

That one sole solitary vine has nearly 20 blooms on it and the mild tasting zuchini grow to a meter in length. I'll be adding a few pictures of this unusual squash this week

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