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Odd Colors in eggs and egg whites

Posted on February 18, 2017 at 2:20 PM

Today I had a new egg customer get in touch asking why my eggs where different colors. The yolks were dark orange, the egg whites were yellowish and some where even greenish colored.Unfortuneatly this customer had thrown out the eggs and was getting in touch saying I had sold them bad eggs. is some information as to why the egg had differnet colors than a local supermarket egg

Green whites with no bad smell (RIBOFLAVIN)

Greenish color in egg whites is usually due to riboflavin (vitamin B2), that is a desirable component.There is nothing wrong with greenish whites that are most frequently observed in fresh, high-quality eggs. we feed extra kelp to our chickens and it is common to get a bright green hue to the egg white

Orange whites (CAROTENES) 

An orange tinge in an egg white is another item that is normally attributable to diet. Extra carotenes, yellow flowers, carrots, carrot posder in the ration in the diet can cause this.There is nothing wrong with orangy whites this ist frequently observed in fresh, high-quality eggs

A red spot or blob in the egg white

A red spot or blob- this can signify a number of things from a fertilized egg, to a developing chick embryo, or a young hen just starting to lay. This is not harmful and most people fish out the spot of cells with a spoon. 

Super dark orange yolks

Yolk color proves nothing about the egg other than that the chicken that laid the egg had access to varying amounts of carotene. It's not a sign of extra goodness; it's not a sign that the egg is organic. Orange yolks are the result of chickens eating more food with high carotene content.

Sadly the hens and farms that supply grocery stores never usually see the outdoors or supplements to thier diet. The eggs are all graded and any flaw or sport found has that egg discarded.

Our farm fresh eggs are not graded, usually plucked out from under a hen that morning, and all the hens receive a LOT of extra supplements

I hope this helps everyone who has seen these differences in our eggs

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