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DIY recipe for natural multisurface spray cleaner

Posted on December 16, 2012 at 12:40 AM

This natural spray cleaner was inspired by the lovely scent of a spray cleaner that used to be sold by a local Canadian Company. Unfortuneatley for all of us here locally who LOVED the smell it was discontinued. I was able to duplicate the scent as close as i thought by trying different essential oil combinations. This is a natural cleaner but not a duplicate of the original.

The original recipe seems to be  based on a witch hazel base with emulsifiers for the oils. When I am able to put together a similiar witch hazel based cleaning solution I will post the recipe for all of you to try.

This is a work in progress so please do comment on how it works for you/ or doesn't :)

For those who do not do a great deal of DIY things the recipe can be a bit labour intensive if you don't have the raw ingredients. I am putting together a handmade soap and environmental healthy cleaning product side to the farm so I have a lot of the raw ingredients here. 

Washing soda is heat treated sodium bicarbonate, I cannot find it in the local Ottawa area without ordering it in bulk by the pail.

However: washing soda can be made in your oven from heat treating or  "baking" the baking soda in the oven at 450 for 30-40 min.

The castille soap I make here at the farm but you can purchase a very small "Dr Bronners" liquid castile soap at any health food store that will last you a LONG time.

Please note: If you are local and want to get some of my castille soap and washing soda i will be more than happy to give you a bit to make your recipe. Particularily you local fellow epicure consultants who have been asking me for the recipe.

Natural All Purpose Cleaner

1 teaspoon washing soda

2 teaspoons borax

2 teaspoon vegetable based  "castile" type soap

2 cups hot water

Essential oils (your choice for scent,optional)

20 drops sweet orange oil,

20 drops bergamot,

4 drops  peppermint ( use the peppermint essential oil sparingly as it will completely overpower the other scents)


Mix all ingredients except the essential oil in a pot on the stove heat and stir until the borax and washing soda are dissolved

Pour into a spray bottle, this recipe fits into a 500ml spray bottle perfectly!

add essential oils and spray as needed, shake prior to using as there are no emulsifiers in this recipe  and the oils will separate out when the bottle sits. Use on  dirty hard surfaces in your home and enjoy the scent!

This formula is especially good at cutting grease. It can be kept indefinitely in a (labeled) spray bottle.

Happy cleaning everyone


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