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Fall and fallen tomato patches

Posted on October 6, 2012 at 1:35 PM

Already October !!

Well our first tomato season has finished and I certainly learned about tomato blight and the need to plant these prolific plants with much much more room. However my absolute favorite's would have to be the purple cherry tomato, the super snow white ( which nearly had a cucumber taste), the Black Krim, and the huge tall vines of the italian tree tomatoes. I discovered organic really effective remedies for powdery mildew and a spray for Tomato blight. I'll be posting these on the links page for those that are interested.

Next year's vegetables will include the Trombocino zucchini ( I have never seen a meter long zucchini), the patty pan squash, Tomatoes of course, and some additional pumpkins and hopefully some purple potatoes.

The free range meat chicken season is thankfully winding down. Since the predator problems I tried to make up those birds i lost  by getting a few extra large batches and we have over 150 chickens here at the farm right now... I still love chickens and they are easy to take care of when they have a good FOX PROOF coop to sleep in at night. but next year i'll space out the groups a bit more so there are only about 50- 80 here at a time.

Still thinking about delving into raising turkeys but until i get the knack of it i won't make them available for sale.

Have a fantastic thanksgiving long weekend. Enjoy the good food and great company of your friends and family!


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