Cuardach Farm Organics Mission statement:
produce high quality affordable organic food and artisan products 

All of our home grown animals/poultry/vegetables are pasture raised without the use of any hormones or added chemicals and no pesticides or chemical additives are used on our fields.

Cuardach farm is not a certified organic farm. We use organic methods whenever possible but the costs of becoming certified organic would have to be passed on to customers and this is contrary to our mission statement in producing high quality affordable organically raised food. We do buy certified organic seed whenever possible (never treated or genetically engineered) and don’t use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

About us

The farm’s goal originally was to just breed Irish Sport horses and converting a portion of the property to organic farming was not even on the radar.

However, with farmers in my family going back generations, the price of food in the grocery store going through the roof, and horses being money pits to feed, I set out to raise my own chickens and put in a garden to fill my freezer for the winter.

The first year there was very little mortality in the birds and the gardens grew enormous unbelievably tall tomato plants. However, the rich organic soil here had a great deal to do with the garden's explosive growth. The land here had not been farmed for more than 40 years and the previous owners had livestock so what used to be the fields and paddocks had rich organic matter and 40 year old compost.

After my first year's harvest I started having people inquiring about extra eggs and raising a few birds for them and things just grew from there. It also seemed sensible with my post secondary education in bio science, veterinary technology, farrier science, and background experience with large animal husbandry. I had more than enough know how to plunge head first into an organic farm. My family definitely sees the humor in that statement.

The farm still breeds Irish sport horses and has the occasional Irish Sport horse and non Irish Sport horses  available for sale. For the near future the main focus will be on expanding the organic vegetables, poultry, meat sheep, herb and spice blends, and marketing them from the farm.  

All soaps, bath and body products are adamantly palm oil free. At no time will palm oil ever be used at Cuardach farm. This is a personal and environmentally conscious decision of mine that I stand behind 100%.

We will be operating  a small general farm store mostly for eggs and organic chicken pickup and adding a webstore to the website for items that are able to be shipped. 

I welcome you to the virtual portion of the farm and please  email with any inquiries, suggestions, questions, or requests on anything you would like to see raised or hand crafted for you. 


Cuardach Farm